WhiteFinch is for the modern women who is embarking on a journey of self-expression, seeking to resurrect her inner Bohemian amidst a life in the busy metropolis.
WhiteFinch embodies the essence of the free-spirited dreamer deep down inside you.
She has an urban lifestyle, follows her dreams, and walks her own path, but always comes back to her roots and mother nature.
Discover blithe hippie aesthetics that personify both the carefree and the purposeful, in our thoughtfully curated ensembles, we draw inspirations from nature’s elements to create iconic pieces that will rouse and emancipate your spirit to embrace your true self.
For the hippie heart and bold soul, our vast collection of enchanting dresses and earthly accessories are the epitomes of the Boho fashion trend.
Flower child, reawaken to Bohemian urbanity.